RFW Favorites Pt1

RFW Favorites Pt1

LV - Jūs pat nevarat iedomāties cik patiesībā ilgi ilgst "Modes Mēnesis". Nē, tas nebeidzas pēc tradicionālās NY-Londona-Milāna-Parīze kombinācijas; tieši pretēji, tas turpinās visā pasaulē, tajā skaitā arī Rīgā. Pagājušās nedēļas laikā Rīgas modes nedēļas ietvaros modes mēles iekaroja Latvijas modes dizaineri, tāpēc šodien pēc elpas atvilkšanas, dalos ar jums savos favorītos.

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EN - You even have no idea how long "the fashion month" actually lasts. It does not stop after the traditional NY-London-Milan-Paris combo. Oh no, it does not, because rest of the world follows, Riga including. This past week newest collections SS 14/15 of Latvian based designers paved down the runways and after I had space and time to breath, I present you with my favorites, the ones that caught my eye. 

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Color and light fabrics, whats not to love? Just look at that slip and those unicorns!

Although Lithuania based, the women of Daili knows that sporty chic is the way to go, and in these outfits she will go far. 

Definitely one of my favorite runways. Prepares you for every situation there is with feminine quirkiness and touch of elegance on top. And who wouldn't want to have a print of their favorite city all over a silk dress. 

Flowy fabrics, light colors and feminine silhouettes. This is how streets of Riga should look like coming Spring. 

One thing I love in Spring/Summer season is vivid colors and the opposite - lack of them. So this collection is best of both worlds. It has that special dress for fun evenings with your girlfriends and then  sophisticated, yet fun overcoats, skirts and dresses.  

All pictures from RFW official FB page